Awethu Forestry Investments (Pty) Ltd promotes integrated forestry development !

About Us

We are a company specialising in integrated forestry development and provide support to emergent timber producers in Southern Africa.  We link production to processing.

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Our Work

Our work is carried out in the form of consulting services, timber procurement and investment in processing. We have recently invested in our own timber plantations.

Our community based work promotes a Forest Centered Development Model TM, created as a mechanism to sustain rural based agroforestry enterprises centered around commercial plantation forestry developments.

Join Us

Contact us to find out more about the world of the emergent timber grower and entrepreneur in Southern Africa. We also market roundwood into the pulpwood, treated poles and sawmill processing sector. 

 NEWS : Awethu FI in partnership with African Honey Bee launch a four year Flemish government funded beekeeping project in NE KwaZulu Natal